Sony 's History And Its Glory

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Abstract As a world-well-known company, Sony once gloriously ruled the world electronics market. However, Sony began a series of crisis in the new century, which makes Sony lost its domination of the world market. This paper introduces the Sony’s history and its glory, and analyzes the new strategy to re-shape the company. In order to target the market, the product user identification, user interface design, and the best practice for the company are introduced and analyzed.
In 1946, Masaru Ibuka started an electronics shop in a department store building in Tokyo with a total of eight employees. In the following year he was joined by his colleague, Akio Morita, and they founded a company called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (Tokyo …show more content…

The exclusive tech Trinitron supported television, walkman which led the popular trend, PlayStation that began the next generation Game consoles era, and the global disk recording standard blu-ray. With the huge profit from the electronic market, the company started it expansion to other business area. In 1989, Sony merged Columbia Pictures and TriStar Pictures.(“NYS Department of State Division of Corporations Entity Information”,2015) In 2005, Sony acquired 20% of shares of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., MGM.(Sony Co, 2008). And in 2011, Sony purchased the EMI music business (Sisario, 2012). All these action showed that Sony had reached its business to entertainment. Beside the electronic business and entertainment business, the company is also involved internet and finance.
Goals of Sony Even with a long time domination of the market, after the new century, the company was challenged. Lack of new technology, Sony’s traditional products were outrun by new product form other company. Walkman began to lose its market share because of newer, smaller, bigger storage iPod form apple; XBOX 360 of Microsoft tried to take the market from Playstation; and Trinitron television lost its advantage because liquid crystal display television was replacing the old technology. What made things even worse was the big crises of 2003, the Sony Shock. April 2003, Sony announced their 2002 financial report, the company huge amounts of loss was disclosure. Plus the huge

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