Soybean Milk Enter the Uk Market

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Introduction Soybean milk is a kind of beverage and very popular in China. This product is processed with soybean and fresh milk as the main material. Rich in the multiple vitamins and minerals, high calcium, low sugar with better taste and delicate nutrition. So it is good for health and convenient that it can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. With the global market more and more open, a lot of goods begin to export and seek large areas to sell. Thus now has a good opportunity for soybean milk power selling in global market. UK has about five thousand and eight million populations and it is a developed country, so people with high standard consumption level. Beside these, British people demand for drink in high rate. According to…show more content…
So the company has to make the audience aware that its product exists and to explain exactly what it does, especially soybean milk is a new product for British people. And then communications are creating favorable attitudes to the company and its brands. Meanwhile the company has to persuade customers and the trade that their brand has benefits that are superior to competitors. Effective communications become the key to market share. Because the product can win new customers and retain the existing customers by these methods. If the company does not to do the communications, customers would be seduced by other brands offering new benefits and values. Therefore, when they communicate with customers and trade, they have to focus on their brands are still reliable, relevant and good value for them. Communication is defined as the transmission and receipt of a message. The company communicate to customers about the soybean milk have to sent the correct message for them. Because soybean milk is the new product for British people, so they needs to be persuade and sent them the really message will set up the good reputation for the company. The message sender choose the target audience and grasp their interest are also very important. If the audience does not pick up the message sent out, no communication takes place. The effort and expense have been wasted. Therefore, successful communications can add value for customers, the trades and other
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