Specification And Evaluation Model For The Software Product Quality

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section{Quality Systems}label{sec:quality_systems} The ISO9126 is a specification and evaluation model for the software product quality cite{idri2013use}. Due to the limitations of mobile environments (such as energy autonomy constraints, limited storage capacity, variable bandwidth, hardware heterogeneities, etc), this quality system is not well-suitable to be entirely applied to these types of environments. Therefore, further analysis is needed in order to identify which aspects from this standard are applicable to mobile environments. Such analysis was done by Idri et al cite{idri2013use} in which they created a framework for identifying the quality characteristics shown in ISO 9126 that may be impacted by the limitations in the mobile…show more content…
end{enumerate} egin{figure} centering includegraphics[width=0.99linewidth]{fig/2013_Reliability_Checklist} caption{Example of a checklist between external metrics and mobile limitations} label{fig:checklist} end{figure} Through applying this framework, they noticed that Reliability, Efficiency and Usability were the quality attributes most impacted by the limitations in the mobile environment. The degrees of influence of each quality attributes are shown in Figure ef{fig:degree_influence} egin{figure} centering includegraphics[width=0.99linewidth]{fig/2013_all_characteristics} caption{Degrees of influence for quality attributes. (Extracted from cite{franke2012mobile})} label{fig:degree_influence} end{figure} Besides analyzing existing quality systems for customizing them to the mobile context, there are other studies that aim to come up with a own quality model for mobile applications. An example of such model is the one discussed by Franke et al cite{franke2012mobile}. In this work they proposed a quality model in which Usability, Data Persistence, Efficiency and Flexibility are the core quality aspects of a mobile application. Figure ef{fig:quality_model} shows the proposed quality model. egin{figure} centering includegraphics[width=0.99linewidth]{fig/2012_paper.PNG} caption{Quality model proposed by Franke et al. (Extracted
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