Speech And Writing, By Sylvie Thivierge Spoken Language

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Students spend a lot of time in doing their schoolwork and after spending countless hours they hardly get the passing grades. They know actually how to read but are unable to grasp the meanings it really does not mean that these students are not motivated or they do not have that intellectual potential they try to show the best performance without targeting those weak points which become hurdle in their progress. As stated by Sylvie Thivierge Spoken language plays a vital role in determining someone’s writing it is observed that starting school is easier for those who are good at speaking as compared to those who are not well acquainted well with their language. Skills are interrelated and are developed at very early ages so if a student can speak well it’s not important that he can write well as writing needs to be done in an organized manner so teachers should assist the students in targeting those issues which unknowingly spoil their literary skills.
Unidirectional and multidirectional theories
While examining the relationship between speech and writing there are two theories regarding the relationship examined, Unidirectional and Multidirectional. (Stotsky, 1987) Unidirectional, according to this theory …show more content…

‘All Writing is permanent, All Speech is transient” It is said that writing is permanent, enduring and lasting what about those political speeches which linger on the minds of people and are analyzed later so in this case it is a speech which is enduring permanence, not all speeches are transitory. “All Writing is formal All speech is informal” Are those institutional speeches are formal which are the guideline for the future of the students. So it is not possible to distinguish between the two as both are associated with each other. “Not enough account is taken of the fundamental differences that exists between speech and writings” Lord Bullock

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