Speech Given at Partido State University

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Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, Madame president, faculty and administrators, graduates, family and friends. I am so pleased to be with you on this happy occasion and I thank Partido State University for the invitation. To the graduates (graduating students of BSOA ladderized), let me be one of the first, to congratulate you on your achievements and wish you all the best for the future. Congratulations are also due to all those who helped you on your way—your families and friends and the faculty and staff of Partido State University. Indeed, this is a time for collective celebration of individual achievements, and I am honored to be a part of this celebration.

Your graduation theme is “Building Excellence, Leading the Way”. In this regard, institutional responses to pursuit of quality and accessible education had been diverse and I commend the school for doing its share.

The Commission on Higher Education gives emphasis on pursuing excellence and empowering students and new entrants to the workforce to become transformational leaders by taking advantage of their educational experiences.

Employers are looking for something in addition to a degree and have become more specific and clear about the skills they seek and more sophisticated in identifying them in their recruitment procedures. In essence, what they look for are skills or attributes that help organizations deal with change... but aside from possessing the desired skills-sets, it is equally
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