Speech On Counterfeit Drugs

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Counterfeits medicines has spread like wildfire across online shops and unauthorized pharmacies. According to the data that given from World Health Organization(WHO), they estimated that 10 to 30 percent fake medications products are now conquered marketing all over the globe. Eventhough, Malaysia that known as a country that have good system of laws also undergo this serious case when there three to five percent from the medicines that are sold in the country are counterfeit medicines. The identical packaging along with the insane price make some people eager to buy it. Instead of buying the original medicines, you get to buy a whole set of the medicine for the same price! But what dangers do thes products come with? Keep reading to find out. …show more content…

As we know, counterfeit drugs/medicines are not made in the same factories as the original ones. It may not even be made at a sanitary area and so whatever germs and microbes are present there, may crawl into the products as well. People who concoct these fake medicines includes all kinds of chemicals just to make it look like the real thing. Harmful chemical are one thing that should be not in our medicines. Those chemicals can trigger to allergic reactions and dangerous disease. Treatments with ineffective counterfeit drugs/medicines such as antibiotic can lead to emergence of resistant organisms and may have a deleterious effect on a wide section of the population. In extreme cases, counterfeits drugs/medicines may even cause death. For example, in 2005 Malaysia showed that 8.5 percents impotence medication in the country are fake. While in 2012, the Ministry of Health in Malaysia advices people do not use the traditional products Mymen Plus(capcules 400mg) after it been confirmed contains poison that called ‘tadalaphil’. Whereas in 2005, a total of 14 percent of the ‘ akarbanar’ products has been tested contains mercury level exceeding permitted limits. As a consequence of such damaging effects, counterfeit drugs/medicines may erode public confidence in healthcare systems, healthcare professionals, the supplier and sellers of genuine drugs/medicines, the pharmaceutical industry, and national drug regulatory

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