Speech On Teachers Bad Behavior

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The Effect Of Teachers Bad Behavior In The Eyes Of The Students
However, it is unlikely that there are teachers who behave badly in school. They teach at will without rules, smoke in front of students, come to class late, always angry when teaching and some even dare to hit students. The behavior of teachers like this is very bad for students. Students will be afraid, lazy in learning and skip.
This kind of incident has happened a lot. For example, The problem of classroom violence done by the teacher. Very sad. the issue became hot news that The teacher was jailed for the violence he was perpetrating. In addition, good teachers in teaching will be affected by this problem. Students become students who speak abusively and behave roughly toward teachers who tend to be good and have an impact on other students in school. It is sad if not in solution.
The Solution To The Problems Of Student Behavior
Rasulullah SAW said, "Surely the most beloved and closest person in my house on the Day of Judgment will be the best man in the world, but the person I hate and far from me is a person who speaks too much (which is not …show more content…

In this globalization era, there are many challenges that must be passed together. Difficult indeed but not an obstacle to not be able to make it happen and surrender. The customs of religious values applied in class or school must be improved and developed in order to be structured and make the children understand how important this habituation is. Teachers are in essence a real example for students at the school as well as out of school. Be a good teacher in order to make good student behavior as well. Teachers who do not have good behavior should be evaluated so as not to become a negative virus that is easily absorbed and in the example by the students who will have a negative impact on their life in The

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