Essay on Sperry/MacLennon Architects and Planners

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Global Market Research Case Study Analysis: Sperry/MacLennon Architects and Planners
The firm, Sperry/MacLennan Architects and Planners, is a successful Canadian enterprise. The company has sustained itself for many years since its inception in the 1970's; it has survived slow periods, and overall has been successful for many years. The company is at a crossroads and is ready to consider new business endeavors and developments. It is considering expanding its operations to the United States; however, it will have to consider the new market and how expansion fits into its business objectives. This paper will describe the company's situation, identify the key issues for the organization, discuss possible solutions to the issues, and …show more content…

The company was ready to consider expanding its operations, but to do so, they would need to consider its business objectives and identify any issues.
Identify the Key Issues of the Organization
After many years of many highs and lows of operating in Canada, S/M Architecture was positioned to pursue new ventures and business opportunities and had to consider marketing research and the process of implementation. Although it's not easy to determine which step in the research process is most important; each step has value and relevance. Step 1 is research purpose; step 2 is to determine the research objective; and step 3 is estimating the value of information (McDaniel & Gates). Therefore to begin the process, the company identified areas of opportunity and issues to address.
There were 3 main issues for the company to address. The first issue was the company was considering expanding by collaborating with other firms. By partnering and outsourcing some of its services, it would allow the company to expand its reach to its publics and access new sources for leads. It could still gain business and expand its clientele without having to open additional offices and incur additional property and staff expenses. The second issue for the company to address was the potential to expand to an identified emerging market in the United States. The company was considering the New England area; however it was also considering other areas in the US as well. The last

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