Spiritual Wellbeing : An Integral Part Of Mental, Emotional And Physical Health

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Final Project: Spiritual Wellbeing Spiritual wellbeing is an integral part of mental, emotional and physical health. It is considered to be a primary coping resource on the journey of recovering and healing. Spiritual wellbeing can also be associated with religion but does not have to be. It is considered to be a journey to find importance in life and the role you will play among them with the overarching purpose to find meaning to life. While researching measures of spiritual wellbeing I came across The Spiritual Wellbeing Scale provided by Life Advance. Life Advance’s mission is to promote cooperation and excellence in research (Life Advance, 2009). Life Advance created The Spritual Wellbeing Scale during a time in American society when there was an increasing interest in understanding the genuine quality of life. They began the initial measures by measuring tangible and countable goods and services. For example, the amount of household services that existed within an average home. However, further research was done and they concluded that the number of items accumulated does not increase the quality of life. They wanted to research how the experiences of life correlate with the quality of life, which is how the Spiritual Wellbeing Scale came about. Created by Dr. Ellison. A social psychologist at Dr. David Moberg of Marquette University. In 1976 Dr. Ellison began formulating ways a scale might measure a quality of life indicator to assess spiritual wellbeing (Life

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