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The television show SpongeBob SquarePants has been one of the longest running shows on the network, Nickelodeon. It first premiered May 1, 1999, the show has made over 220 episodes and more still to come. The show and the characters were originally made for only children to love, laugh, and teach life lessons. However, it also attracted an older audience. The main character, a yellow sponge with two big front teeth and a little suit that covers the lower half of his body, Spongebob Squarepants. He has a kind heart and a cute smile that he wears throughout the show. SpongeBob lives in a little town full of life called Bikini Bottom, his house is a pineapple under the sea and he is a chef at his favorite place to work, The Krusty Krab. The Krusty …show more content…

The two main types of philosophies that have been very often shown throughout the TV series is Epicureanism and Existentialism. Epicurean is shown by sandy and Mr. Krabs, while the other two supporting characters in the show Squidward and Patrick show Existentialism. Both sandy and Mr. krabs personalities show Epicurean they both have a mindset that pleasure is the most important thing in life, though they should really make more balanced choices about their indulgences on certain things. SpongeBobs second bestfriend Sandy finds the greatest pleasure in doing sport like activity for example sand boarding, martial arts, and jelly fishing all of which she learned from SpongeBob when they first became friends. In the episode “pre-hibernation week,” she drags SpongeBob with her to do all of her favorite activities before she had to go into her deep slumber she was afraid of not having any time to do all the things she loved to do with him. Mr. Krabs on the other hand has an even higher regard for pleasure in the series. He has a strong love for money and takes great pleasure in saving it, he also likes to watch his very long time nemesis Plankton fail at life because if …show more content…

Squidward takes pleasure in doing the arts and by trying to make SpongeBob unhappy, the character Squidward tries to attempt and destroy the friendship between SpongeBob and Patrick in an episode called “Naughty Nautical Neighbors,” he uses the bubbles that SpongeBob and Patrick use to send messages to each other and make them think they are sending each other mean things when it is actually Squidward who is behind all of the mean bubble messages. Patrick exemplifies Existentialism by having him do and say what he believes to be correct when it is actually wrong in so many ways. For example in the episode “Hooky,” Patrick convinces SpongeBob that it was safe to play with fish hooks that people would use for fishing. When Mr.Krabs had told both of them not to go near or play with the hooks. Patrick decides that he is going to play with the hooks anyways and do what he wants with his own free will and soon after SpongeBob joins him and plays with the hooks as well. Which cause a bad turn of events because then SpongeBob get caught to one and cant get unhooked from the hook. Which teaches a life lesson to always listen to your

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