Starbucks Coffee And The Coffee Company

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Enthusiast coffee drinker or not, people of all generations have heard of the popular franchise Starbucks Coffee Company. Opened in 1971, Starbucks started off as a single store located in Seattle. Today the well-known coffee chain has spread their name almost all over the globe. With over 21,000 locations in 64 countries, Starbucks is by far the largest leading coffee company in the world. Starbucks Coffee has different values compared to other coffee corporations that do not see the importance in giving back to communities around them and treating their employees as equals, all while striving to provide their customers with high quality products that are ethically sourced.
Corporations that donate some of their profit to charitable organizations inform people that the company is willing to make a difference. Starbucks Coffee Company did just that, creating a separate charitable organization called “The Starbucks Foundation.” This foundation was created to show commitments Starbucks has for supporting global communities around the world by giving back to them. Donations and funding received by this foundation are provided back to many nonprofit organizations. In 2014, “The Starbucks Foundation” donated over $13.1 million to these organizations; also in 2014, Starbucks Coffee Corporation donated over “$11.4 million in cash, including $1.9 million to the Starbucks Foundation.” The company’s strong belief “in the power of the coffeehouse” bringing individuals together allows

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