Starbucks's Marketing Plan For Starbucks

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Starbucks doesn’t only takes great care in their partners (employees) but also in their stockholders. Starbucks has paid out dividends to their stockholders every quarter over the last 4 years (Dividend History, n.d.). Currently the dividend rate is $0.32 per share quarterly (Dividend History, n.d.). This is pretty impressive considering not all companies chose to pay out dividends quarterly or yearly and Starbucks have provided payouts quarterly for the past 4 years straight. Starbucks has also been able to create other changes in the company outside of the ones they have made with their partners. When the Keurig coffee maker became popular, Starbucks created the Verismo. In adding the Verismo to their portfolio it made it possible for them to stay competitive with the Keurig coffee makers. Now people can make premium Starbucks coffee at home using the Verismo. Starbucks also created different models of the Verismo to appeal to their different target markets. They continued their modern, sleek and stylish traits when creating the Verismo, with different color options and sizes with different price points. With adding the Verismo brewing machines, they added the Verismo pods which are the equivalent to the Keurig’s k-cups. They made the pods and brewing machines available in their retail stores, online through their website and at other retailers such as Bed Bath and Beyond, William & Sonoma, Target and many more. This has helped to keep Starbucks in the game and on the

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