Statement of Purpose: A Career in Health Information Technology

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I am applying for the Master of Professional Studies in Technology Management (Health Information Technology) program at Georgetown University for the summer 2014 session, keeping in mind my future objectives of doing a PhD in Health Information Technology. My desire and enthusiasm for further study and research is motivated by professional goals and intellectual curiosity. I would like to pursue a career in the development of new Health-IT systems, especially remote monitoring technologies, technology-supported translation services, c and self-management tools through mobile technologies that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of information flow in a healthcare setting. I strongly believe the intellectual environment at Georgetown …show more content…

But to my disbelief during my public health research projects the results were contradictory. Most of the patients we surveyed were not satisfied with the medical/dental services and the reason for that dissatisfaction was not quality of clinical services it was administrative work and the increased cost of the medical/dental services. It became a dinner topic for my brother and me who being a doctor shared the same concerns. We attended conferences, seminars holistically researched on the topic of improving quality of healthcare and every time the answer came out to be effective administration skills, effective use of information technology. This answer laid the seeds of healthcare administration as a career for me. I joined a premier healthcare institution as an administration intern and with my hard work secured a position as business analyst with them. My inclination to learn more from an international perspective and greener pastures in terms of living standards bought me to the United States. I got enrolled in an MBA program at Southern States University San Diego. I was always praised for my team building and project coordination skills during my graduate studies. My graduate project ARV Diabetes Clinic was highly praised by my mentor and professors and was chosen as a benchmark graduate project for future students. All these efforts and hard work paid off when

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