Statement of Purpose for Job Corp. in San Diego Essay

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My new Begging to the future, Start’s off here at Job Corp’s. The reason why I have chosen to come to San Diego job corps is because I heard of their amazing program, and all the opportunities they have to offer here .To further my education I have chosen the trade CNA. Job corps has much more to offer than just education they have extracurricular activities that appeal to me and my everyday life. My studies consist that I must obtain a lot of human Health information and learn about how to help and interact with patients. To make them feel more at home while there staying under my care. Studying nursing assistant requires you to attend three-month courses that include practical and theoretical training. You must pass a Clinical …show more content…

One of the many flaws I have encountered with myself is that I don’t deal well with confrontation .Another weakness of mine is that when someone troughs to much information at me all at once it’s hard understand it all in. The last flaw I have noticed about myself is that I am too hard on myself, but I am working to improve it. On the Other hand my strengths are that I am always on time. I take criticism well and try and improve on whatever skill’s I am lacking. Last strength of mine is that I am a hard-worker. I would be as motivated at my job, every day from the first day they hired me to the last. I would like to think of myself as a nice and humble person. I treat everyone the same with respect. The reason why I am interested in this field of work is because, I love helping people. I know I would excel in this field of work because it’s a part of life. The reason a company should hire me is because I will excel their expectations, I will always work to my fullest. I work well with anyone and everyone, I am a very reliable person. I’m very neat and clean, I know where I am going, and what i want out of my life. I enjoy change, I believe everything happens for a reason. I may take a day or two to adapt to the new environment, but I just take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It’s very important to me in a job that I succeed in expectations and that I further myself in my career for the better. To make sure I have many doors open for me, just in

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