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I am very thankful for providing me this opportunity and it is with sincere sense of gratification that I pen down my brief statement of purpose. Striving for betterment and improvement has been my motto in all aspects of life and the same applies even to my professional and academic career. Getting to know what goes inside computers, the engines of the Information Technology revolution and knowing how to work with them enables one to understand the technology that makes it all possible. Understanding this, I chose to do my undergraduate study in Information Technology. While reasoning my intentions to pursue MS in Computer Science at your esteemed university, I would like to throw some light on my career till now.

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I worked on a project named “Forensic Application Aid” as my mini project and also a project on Wireless Sensor Networks at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited which is a Govt. of India Enterprise. I learnt a lot while doing this project. I did my major project on “Semantic PDF Web”, under the guidance of B.N. Ranga Swamy, Scientist ‘E’, TIC, Division Head at Defence Electronics & Research Laboratory, a prestigious laboratory in India where only few get permission to do the project. In my project we have introduced an extension of the current web in which information is given in a well-defined meaning solving the limitations of the current web. Along with academics, I indulge myself in several recreational and co-curricular activities. I organized and participated in many technical and non technical events in CIENCIA, a fest held at our college every year. CIENCIA’12 was a huge success in which, I organized an event Quiz Casino successfully. I have attended various seminars given by professors of our college about various technologies. I have presented a paper on Home Automation in a fest named Acumen’12 at Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad, one of the reputed Engineering colleges in Hyderabad and also a paper at Netaji Institute of Engineering and Technology,

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