Stoichiometry Of Reactants And Reactants

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Furthermore, stoichiometry helps to figure out the limiting reactants and the excess reactants. The limiting reactant is the reactant that limits the amount of product formed in the chemical reaction. Which also means the reaction will stop when all of the limiting reactant is consumed. In the other hand, excess reactant is a reactant that completely used up and it remains when a reaction stop when the limiting reactant. Moreover, stoichiometry can be used to figure out the actual yield which is the amount actually produced of a product vs. the amount of products calculated from the complete reaction of the limiting reactant which is theoretical yield. Also, stoichiometry assists to calculate the percent yield, which is the ratio of…show more content…
So, each lab group was assigned to different trial. Table 1 Trial KI mL .400M Pb(NO3)2 mL Average PbI2 produced per volume of KI for the class (g) 1 0.500 mL 2.00 mL .020 2 1.00 mL 2.00 mL .076 3 2.00 mL 2.00 mL .151 4 3.00 mL 2.00 mL .230 5 4.00 mL 2.00 mL .294 6 5.00 mL 2.00 mL .358 7 6.00 mL 2.00 mL .375 8 7.00 mL 2.00 mL .388 9 8.00 mL 2.00mL .397 Using two graduated cylinder, dispensed 2.00 mL of KI solution into a clean, dry 100 mL beaker and dispensed 3.00 mL of KI into a different 100 mL beaker. Moreover, dispensed 2.00 mL of Pb(NO3)2 into a clean, dry, small beaker using the digital Micropipette. While stirring one solution, slowly added the other to it. Rinse the empty beaker with 40 mL of RO water. The mass of a piece of filter paper was measured. The paper was folded and placed in a ceramic Buchner funnel. Then, Wet the paper with RO water. The liquid was poured from the beaker into the Calculations funnel using a rubber policeman. The precipitate was carefully transferred to the funnel. Rinse the beaker and a rubber policeman with RO water. Additional water was added to rinse the precipitate. The filter paper was transferred to a beaker using the watch glass and placed the beaker on the Bunsen burner to dry the filter after all the water has passed through the funnel. The mass of the filter paper and precipitate was measured after the precipitate was completely dried. Results The
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