Store : Best Buy And The Source

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Product: Camera
Stores: Best Buy and The Source
For my research assignment “The shopping trip” I decided to purchase a Camera as a mystery shopper. The stores I chose for shopping was best buy, the source and future shop. Here I am going to talk about my sale experience with two stores: best buy and The Source. The reason of selecting these stores is that I had a different experience on both stores and there was lot of things to analyse and contrast between salespersons.
Approach and introduction by the salesperson:
Best Buy: when I went to the best buy shop, I moved directly to the cameras section and one of the salesperson approached me for a help. He was very knowledgeable and intelligent. He used first three steps of presentation
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He was unable to do any suggestive selling. The products at the source were good but I felt the service is not.
Relationship- Building Skills:
Best Buy: The salesperson created a good rapport with me and successful in creating a positive impression. He asked me about my profession and my studies. We got along well and he recommended a camera best for my use keeping my budget in mind. He had good knowledge about the products as he was able to compare different brands of cameras i.e. Samsung, Nikon and Canon. Based on my needs he recommended me to buy a Sony camera. Although the camera was little over my budget, it had additional features like Bluetooth, automatic operation and small sensor etc. He had answered my queries very confidently. During the entire conversation, he maintained good eye contact, posture, personal space and most importantly “a smile”.
The Source: The salesperson was not approachable and was least interested to assist me. While he was presenting and explaining me features of different printers, he often got distracted with people around he was rushing through the presentation. Hence I was not sure about the cameras and all the more confused. When I tried to confirm him about the features of the cameras, he was fumbling as he was not confident about the products. He just wants to sell the product without building any relationship. I was very frustrated and this experience created
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