Strategic Big Data: The Most Eminent of All the IT Technologies

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There are several new IT technology that have recently emerged, or will do so in the next coming months, that can provide a significant impact for the way in which companies conduct business. IT technologies are an integral component of most business processes today, for the simple fact that even conventional mom and pop business ventures are recording and accessing information electronically for the expedient delivery of service, products, and proper structuring of their own professional processes. Some of the more valuable IT trends to recently surface include the widespread usage of strategic big data, the increasing ubiquity of mobile devices as the preferred method of internet, communication, and data accessibility connections, the mainstream deployment of HTML 5, and the emergence of in-memory computing.
HTML 5 is a computer language that mobile devices and conventional computers use to access websites and multimedia. It is an upgrade of the previous version, HTML 4 which was created in the late 1990's and will allow a wider range of access to and more convenient accessing of information contained on the internet. Its weakness is the fact that it is not widely available, and still has issues that need to be tested and worked out. In-memory computing is another fairly recent trend that surfaced in the mainstream within the past five months. Essentially, in-memory computing allows for computers to access much of the data that they come across within the actual computer

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