A Brief Note On Hyatt Hotel Corporations, An American International Company And Operator Of Hotels

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Information systems are becoming crucial in society today, Everything that has to deal with purchasing or selling, communicating or searching has become more effective with the access of the WWW( World wide web). A world of head-on competition is being created. Both at a local and international level. Daily upgrading of technology in versions is a must to all businesses if they want to stay above competition. During the beginning days of computers, information systems were only needed when a specific problem had risen. However, it was at this time of era, people began to realize that many of our day to day problems( almost up to 85%) can only be solved by information systems in the most effective manner.

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From all 3 levels such as strategic, tactical or operational. The website informs customers about reservations, existing reservations, profile and passwords, gift certificates, payment and cancellations, and the best rate is guaranteed. Hyatt has a special promotion service called the Hyatt gold passport, it is a customer reward program. The passport stocks up points that can later be redeemed for hotel room stays, upgrades, and meal services at any hyatt locations. These points can also be converted into airline miles with cooperating airline partners.

Transaction processing systems(TPS) Are “TPS processes business transaction of the organization. Transaction can be any activity of the organization. Transactions differ from organization to organization. For example, take a Hotel reservation system. Booking, canceling, etc are all transactions. Any query made to it is a transaction. However, there are some transactions, which are common to almost all organizations. Like employee new employee, maintaining their leave status, maintaining employees accounts, etc.”

Hyatt’s website ( can be accessed by customers and employees as well. When a customer logs in they are provided with numerous options such as special offers regarding hotels and resorts, Meetings and events, and of course the gold passport. The customer can access data on 549 Hyatt properties and can book the appropriate location

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