Strategic Initiatives

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Strategic initiatives can be defined as the means through which a vision is translated into practice and are collections of finite – duration discretionary projects and programs, outside of the organization’s day – to – day operational activities, which are designed to help the organization achieve its targeted performance (
The strategic initiatives from our list include the following:
1. Efficient Consumer Response (ECR): Lean Manufacturing Japan (2008) stated that ECR “is a strategy to increase the level of services to consumers through the close cooperation among retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Lean Manufacturing Japan (2008), also stated that “ECR reduces the opportunity loss, inventory level, and entire
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7. E-Business: is a useful means to extend business efficiency via internet- based application. It promotes faster information, operational efficiency, expands firm’s market share (Mohamad & Ismail, 2013)
A case study of Strategic initiative can be seen in Breakthrough Inc (2008).
“Ron and his team worked with the senior management team of a group at Agilent Technologies to create a shared vision and establish strategic initiatives focused on servicing global customers better.
Breakthrough, Inc. helped reorganize the customer team. They worked with all the functions (initiatives) involved to clarify roles, responsibilities and rules of engagement to implement the new way of doing business that dramatically improved business results.
As a result of the work done, the Group demonstrated superior account management, which led to increased market and customer satisfaction and greater product competitiveness”.
(Breakthrough, Inc. 2008)
With all these definitions from different scholars and the case study, I will conclude by saying that strategic help to achieve operational excellence and improve management practices in reconciling market requirements and operations resource capabilities

1. Breakthrough, Inc. (2008) ‘Accelerating Revenue Profitability: Making changes that dramatically improve results’ [Online]. Available from:
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