Strategic Management : Strategic Planning

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When it comes to strategic management many defined it as the management that link strategic planning decision-making. It is sometimes over looked unless it is specifically brought up when it comes up in strategic planning. With this management in place an organization can achieve its long-term goals. As well as plan out its future goals and endeavors for the organization to be successful. Strategy itself has many forms and levels as well; it is broken down into smaller parts of planning. For strategy there are usually four parts to it. Having the overall Idea is the first step, it consist of everything what you are trying to accomplish and what is trying to get done. After that you go into how to do it and break down the procedure of what you are trying to do as well. After you have the planning and operational level, when you plan and let the operation of the plan go into effect. Implementation is the last step when you actually put all of your planning into affect and see the results of it as well. Strategic management consists of six key elements, using these tools can assure a successful strategic plan. These tools are; Vision, Mission, Core Value, Strategic areas of Focus, Strategic Goals, and Action Plan. When creating a successful strategic management plan you must include these elements. Each is necessary in creating a blueprint that will not crumble. Having the correct vision of a strategic plan can help you plan out and create a mental picture for the goal you
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