Strategic Marketing

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Strategic Marketing
Lauren Hartshorn
Grand Canyon University: LDR 620
October 31, 2012

Strategic Marketing A successful strategic marketing process must be thoroughly developed prior to implementation. A strategic marketing plan according to Vega & Rojas (2010) is “to assign and to coordinate effectively the marketing activities and resources in order to achieve the company’s goals or strategic mission" (p. 3). The strategic plan must include target goals consistent with the company's mission statement, a plan for implementation, and a process for controlling and correcting deviations. Target goals are met by identifying marketing segmentation, which is targeting a specific market for a particular service or line
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Once the specific marketing tools are identified and the target audience is set the marketing department can implement the plan. Where and to whom the company message should reach is outlined in the plan. Whether though print media, television advertising, or social media, the message must remain consistent with the mission of the company. Both long term and short-term strategies should be rolled out by utilizing a marketing timeline set for maximum effectiveness.
Marketing control refers to the systematic process of regulating organization activities to meet the expectations established in the mission, plans, and targets of the strategic plan (Sliziene & Vaitkenen, 2003). Companies should utilize decentralized control because people work best when they are fully committed to the organization (Daft, 2009 p. 549). Accurate information is required so corrective action can by taken for any deviations from the targets, measures and outcome. Leaders must regulate the organization's activities to ensure their plans match the set target. These targets include quality standards, which are essential for customer satisfaction and loyalty (Sliziene & Vaitkenen, 2003). The realizations of marketing control require not only control, but also auditing and monitoring the competition in marketing and evaluate management processes and their possibilities (Sliziene & Vaitkenen, 2003).
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