Strategic Marketing of Mahindra Reva

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Strategic marketing of Mahindra Reva 1. Introduction After the phase out of G-Wiz from the UK market in 2011, no Reva versions have been launched in this market for four years. During this period, the sales of electric cars market in the Britain have surged, especially in the past two years. Now, Mahindra Reva decides to launch its new product Reva e20, the successor of G-Wiz in the UK, and plans to export another new version halo to the country. The problem is whether the company can re-occupy the market just as it had done 10 years ago. This report aims to provide some recommendations on its strategic marketing objectives in the UK market on the basis of market analysis, its competitiveness, competitor analysis and customer analysis.…show more content…
The government subsidies to EV buyers have also been provided so as to motivate purchase incentives. The plug-in grant scheme and the the Plug-In Car Grant had been implemented in 2009 and 2011. It can be seen that UK government has always applied much effort to encourage the use of green cars such as EVs in terms of policies and financial supports. In the past years, the government supports never stopped. In the near future, the support will be never stop too. Under the strong support of the government, there will be huge potentials for EV manufacturers including Mahindra Reva. 2.2 Social factors To a larger extent, the public has a lower awareness and recognition of EVs. There are some main concerns and misunderstandings about the EVs in the public. People may perceive that EVs may be much expensive due to being considerably high on technology and battery management systems. The fact that people have to recover the upfront money in the next four to five years reduce purchasing desire to some extent. These perceptions may hinder the expansion of Mahindra Reva in the UK market. On the another part, there will be likely to have a bright future for electric cars in the UK. In 2014, the sales had a 167% increase compared with that of 2013 (Stansfield,2015). This indicates the rapid recognition of electric cars among the public. With the strong government support and solution of key technologies such as reduction of cost of batteries and increase of

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