Strategic Pl Strategic Management

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Strategic plan 1 strengths Strategic plan 1 weaknesses
• Strong R&D systems in place
• Supportive management team
• Stable and loyal customer base
• Healthy and positive business images and reputations incurred
• Strong growth potentials focusing on keeping meeting customers preferences
• Experienced and loyal staffs
• Healthy financial positions • Large amount of business loan borrowings
• Lack of required experiences from the board of directors
• Potential customers may choose to ignore the business due to the large amount of options
• Need to relocate to a bigger building
• Need to get more expertise sales officers
• Strong reliance on the development of the technology
• Fast paced technology upgrading makes the business operations more difficult

Strategic plan 2:
 Build more branch stores in the inner suburbs
 Understand and assess the marketing effectiveness of different marketing strategies
 Strong involvement with the business networking
 Consider the launch of international marketing entries
 Establish the alliances with key market players
 Improve the e-commerce functions
 Profile the target segments and determine their demands
Strategic plan 2 strengths Strategic plan 2 weaknesses
• Strong growth of target segments
• High business demands from the overseas markets
• Advanced logistic system allows the food delivery
• Product diversification allows the business strong growth • Strong competition within the local and international markets
• New…
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