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Strategic plan 1 strengths Strategic plan 1 weaknesses • Strong R&D systems in place • Supportive management team • Stable and loyal customer base • Healthy and positive business images and reputations incurred • Strong growth potentials focusing on keeping meeting customers preferences • Experienced and loyal staffs • Healthy financial positions • Large amount of business loan borrowings • Lack of required experiences from the board of directors • Potential customers may choose to ignore the business due to the large amount of options • Need to relocate to a bigger building • Need to get more expertise sales officers • Strong reliance on the development of the technology • Fast paced technology upgrading makes the business operations…show more content…
Effective communication can be achieved by: • Use slides: Provide the presentation slides at corporate positioning within the work sites of the team. These should not just show the visual aids, they should also have the visual playing effects. It provides the chances for the better understanding. • Use Body Languages: our body languages can deliver our messages quicker and better. We need to understand the arts of applying body languages when communicating with our staffs. The examples can be by standing up straight, using smile, handshaking and eye contacts. • Build a comfortable conversation environment: To be able to efficiently communicate with our staffs, we must develop a comfortable conversation environment. We need to minimise the tense environment with all our efforts because when we communicate in an aggressive way, the messages we are trying to deliver may not be well received. • Encourage Feedback: we should not just keep on talking without getting the ideas from the listeners. We need to provide the enough time and opportunities so that we can evaluate the qualities of our styles of communication. It will also allow us to understand how well the listeners can understand our
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