Strategic Planning For A Formal Board Meeting Essay

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Another form used by some organizations is an informal alternative to a formal board meeting which allows board members to conduct their duties on their own time (Zhu et al, 2016). This alternative allows board members to identify solutions without the time-constraints associated with a formal board meeting, which in turn allows for more creative and well-thought out solutions to strategic issue/strategic planning issues (Zhu et al, 2016). Although, it may appear to be beneficial to implement such a process, the results of the study conducted by Zhu et al (2016) found that this alternative did not help with strategy/strategic planning in either for-profit or non-profit organizations (Zhu et al, 2016). Although formal board meetings and alternatives to board meetings are important, the provision of information has a major impact on strategic decision making, which in turn affects strategic planning (Zhu et al, 2016).
The provision of information (information utilization) to board members is critical, especially since they are not part of the day to day operations of an organization and are not privy to what is occurring on a day to day basis due to their limited time commitment (Zhu et al, 2016). This information sharing prevents external board members from being disadvantaged (Zhu et al, 2016). The information provided to board members must analyzed to formulate an understanding of the information while using additional information (external and previous information) to be

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