Strategies For Selecting A Target A Market For Tucson Textiles Essay

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Table 3
4 Types of segmentation
Demographic Includes income, education, age and occupation
Geographic Includes Macro economic factors and customer orientation
Psychographic Includes attitudes and values
Behavioral Includes relationship, knowledge and character

Table 4
There are 03 types of strategies for selecting a target a market for Tucson textiles

Undifferentiated marketing This type of marketing views the market as one group with no segments therefore using a single marketing strategy. Undifferentiated marketing generally involves targeting the whole with one product and an undifferentiated marketing can be cheaper that other strategies because there is only one product to produce. This strategy utilizes a single marketing mix to reach the maximum number of consumers in the target market selected.

Differentiated marketing Here the marketing strategy targets different market segments with specific marketing mix, which is designed to meet those segments needs. Differentiated marketing strategy involves the preparation and communication of different brand and product messages to different types of customers.

Concentrated marketing This type of marketing focuses on selecting a particular market. This strategy can categorize the company into a single product. Concentrated marketing is famous for small firms because mass distribution, production and mass advertising are not necessary these firms can achieve profit with limited resources.

Appendix 03
There are 4 types
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