Strategies Of Human Resources Management

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Regulating Your Appearance Samuel D. Lynn Strategies of Human Resources Management (MGMT 5309) Wayland Baptist University Virtual Campus Dr. Barry Evans February 8, 2015 Abstract Five days after graduating highschool, I left my hometown for the United States Navy. The dress code was simple: hair needed to be cut a certain way, creases in my uniforms were to be exact, mandatory clean shaven face and my medals/ribbons needed to be in their proper place and perfectly aligned to standards. Once I retired, reality set it when I assumed the role as a Human Resourcess Manager or Director. Skirt lengths, open/closed toed shoes, cleavage (both front and rear), piercings and tattoos are just a few of the items I was responsible for in regulating at the corporate office. This paper will discuss many of the common dress code issues, legal responsibilities and a bit of personal humor and insight into the ordeal of establishing a dress code policy that will regulate your appearance. In addition, this paper will add some of my trials and pitfalls when establishign policy that might help some of my colleagues who will become Human Resources professionals learn to be realistic and quite possibly compassionate when it comes to preparing a dress code policy. Regulating Your Physical Appearance When you think of an interview, what comes to mind? Suit and tie? Freshly shaven, hair styled properly? We are taught when transitioning out of the military to make sure you do we follow
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