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Connecting the Unconnected Harvard Business School – Case Study Pradeep Bhat Strategy Assignment MIP – Politecnico di Milano 1. In an industry where profitable firms are scarce, Emirates has delivered solid growth and solid financial performance for years. Why? What is behind Emirates’ success? Ṝecently, on May 20th 2014, the Air French – KLM announced their results showing record losses. The strategy of alliance between two struggling airlines is yet to prove its success. Meanwhile, in a complete contrast, The Emirates Airlines have passed a massive order of 32 Airbus 380 super jumbo jets at the Berlin Air show 2010. Today, Emirates has a total of 140 orders for the Airbus 38010 and is the largest operator of A380 crafts around the…show more content…
Twice a day, once from 12 a.m.–2 a.m. and again from 6 a.m. – 8 a.m., a spike of passengers deplaned from points west for a two-hour window to connect to their east-bound flights. These spikes strained the airport’s capacity, but they were essential to allow connecting passengers the widest possible choice of connections from points east to west13. Emirates’ growth into new markets produced some additional peak-period hiccups. - Strategic Expansion: The strategic move of placing a planning department to forecast major growth regions and placed orders for the number of new planes it expected to use. Once the planes were confirmed, the planning team examined the overall fleet, the available craft currently in use, and how many planes remained. This base was then used to determine whether to add capacity to existing routes or launch a new route. If case of the former option, Emirates determined whether to add new service to an existing route or to swap out a service’s existing plane with a larger and newer craft. Emirates relied on only three types of aircraft, because of which planes could be deployed onto existing routes to supply much more easily to match the demand. - Strategic Alliances with Manufacturer: Existing plane models with Emirates in the end of 20th century, could only fly distances of up to 14 hours, due to which they were not able to connect to the key potential
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