Strengths And Vision Of Hdfc Bank

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Hdfc bank also known as the housing development and fincial corporation. HDFC was incorporated in the year 1994 with its registered office in Mumbai, India. The bank’s first fully functional corporate office and service branch was inaugurated by former union Finance Minister, Manmohan Singh at Sandoz House, Worli.
HDFC bank has a wide range of products and services comprising of:
• Wholesale banking
• Retail banking
• Treasury
• Auto loans
• Personal loans
• Loans against property
• Credit and debit card service
• Project AI- the latest addition is a service whereby the bank will offer robots at selective branches that will help in displaying the service to the customers coming into that branch.
As of August 2017, the bank has a distribution …show more content…

Strengths Weaknesses
1. HDFC is one of the leading new age private sector bank
2. HDFC Bank has over 4500+ branches and over 12000 ATMs, in more than 800 cities in India
3. Existing CBS across its branches
4. Huge employee base i.e more than 80,000+ employees
5. HDFC has a large collaborations with corporate for employee salary accounts
6. Acquisitions have boosted the operations of the bank
7. HDFC bank has been responsible for several CSR activities and has also been recognized with several banking awards
8. It offers several services like online banking, app, mobile banking, NRI services etc 1.Rural penetration is low for HDFC as compared to nationalised banks
2.Competition from public sector and private sector banks means limited market share growth
Opportunities Threats
1.Mobile banking, internet banking etc can be a huge boon for HDFC's business
2.Venturing more into rural areas can be done by HDFC
3.Providing more complex products to the ever increasing demands of the industry 1.Competitors increasing their business can adversely effect HDFC's business
2.New banking licenses and regulations can impact operations
3.Foreign banks that offer complex

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