Strengths And Weaknesses Of American Airlines

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American Airlines is one of the major American airlines who serves nearly 50 countries globally and also a member of the one world global alliance. The airline corporate headquarters are in Fort Worth, Texas. Over the years the airline expanded through the union or merger of 85 companies. Robertson Aircraft Corporation and Colonial Air Transport were the core of the foundation of this company. In 1921, Robert Aircraft organized first in Missouri as a general manufacturer and flying service who flew its first mail route on April 15, 1926 between Chicago and St. Louis, Missouri. The first flight flown by pilot Charles A. Lindbergh. A charter, Colonial Air called Bee Line formed in 1923, flew mail between New York City and Boston which began on …show more content…

Good hubs, loyalty programs, strong brand image, the largest airline fleet, good maintenance and infrastructure standard, are just to name a few. The regions dominant U.S. carrier came along with the company’s innovative mind to buy routes that encourages spreading hubs in the most tourist attracted places. As hubs increase rewards become broader redeeming meaningful awards as you fly across the globe with American. American Airlines AAdvantage program awards miles and Elite Qualifying Dollars for every airline affiliated with the oneworld alliance. The many relationships with numerous car rental companies, hotel brands and cruise lines is what set them above the rest. Along with captivating that title they spread their brand image strongly from terminal kiosks, interior seats and logo to website along with the plane’s finish. The company recently redesigned their logo taking a turn from an American image moving towards the American spirit. The reason behind the change was being a global flight servicer the old logo based on just American but also still portraying America without becoming blindly patriotic. There’s over 959 planes in service and 247 on back order bringing the company to the largest operator of aircraft in the world. It operates the A321 aircraft which is the largest fleet but not being limited they operate the A319 fleet, Boeing 737 Next Generation, and much more. Furthermore, increasing the amount of passengers carried increasing the amount of revenue created for the company’s

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