Stress Types Essay

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Stress Types

There are three types of stress that will be explained. At various times in our lives, one or more of these stresses may overcome us. The first of these is ?Type A? stress, which is both foreseeable and avoidable. For example, going on a roller coaster is both foreseeable and avoidable, thus, it is considered a ?Type A? stress. A ?Type B? stress is defined as something that is neither foreseeable nor avoidable. A good example of this is being hit by a baseball while watching the game. The last type of these stresses is called ?Type C? stress, and is defined as stress that is foreseeable, but not avoidable. A good example of this would be a teenager staying out too late and knowing that when she comes home, she will get
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Parenthood is a good example of a ?Type B? stress. It is something that cannot always be planned for. This is a type of stress that is not avoidable; we just deal with it the best way we can. This can be extremely stressful if we are not ready for this event in our life. The only way to deal with this task is by taking each day one step at a time. It?s a very complex situation to involve yourself in. For example, when your child wakes up in the middle of the morning, you have to be the one to tend to him or her. In this case, since it is something that is not always planned for, it is even more important that we don?t add this stress to our daily life.

Last but not least are the ?Type C? stresses, (foreseeable, but not avoidable), such as retirement. This would be a ?Type C? stress because, although you cannot stop it, you know its coming. For some people this would be good stress more than it is bad stress, however, some people retire not out of desire but out of necessity. For these people, who are forced to retire from old age, it can be very stressful. This type of stress is sometimes more powerful because it is almost always irreversible (i.e. retirement).

Over these different stress periods of our lives we endure a variety of these types of stresses mentioned above. The way we prevent them, and handle them when they appear in our lives is what accentuates our personalities. If we let the
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