Structure And Operation Of An Enterprise Architecture

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Section 1: Summary
Enterprise Architecture represents a conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of an organization. The intent of an enterprise architecture is to decide how an organization can most effectively achieve its current and future goals. Enterprise architecture looks at the current state of the organization, it helps develop and evaluate current designs and create a sketch for the future.
As business analysts, enterprise architecture represents an input to understand the organizational units that exist, their interaction with other organizational units, customers and suppliers, their responsibilities within the organization and the roles and relationships within each organizational unit [01]. It helps conduct stakeholder analysis, as it helps understand stakeholder influence and attitudes.
In this research paper, we will analyze look at the context of enterprise architecture, the history of enterprise architecture, and we will look at two popular enterprise architectures, the Zachman framework and TOGAF.
Section 2: Context and History
Enterprise Architecture was created and aimed to solve two major problems prevalent in organizations.
• System Complexity- Organizations were becoming larger and larger and IT costs were spiraling out of control
• Poor business alignment- Organizations were finding it more and more difficult to keep IT systems aligned with business needs
Organizations are faced with issues of exponentially increasing

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