Swot Analysis Of Goldman Sach ( Gs )

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Since inception, Goldman Sach (GS) has remained America 's most preferred employer attracting the best talent in the world. As part of GS unique culture, the firm relied solely on coaching and mentorship process for training and development.

In spite of the increase in war for talent in the labour market during the dot-com boom, GS continues to thrive as a long time employer of choice recruiting more workers to sustain its rapid growth and expansion to Europe and Asia. But as GS venture grew in size and in complexity so was the demand for more competent leaders to handle the overwhelming challenge of globalization.

The shortage in competent leaders can be attributed to the fact that a greater number of GS employees at the time had only been with the firm for about two years or less, therefore, they are inexperienced, less developed and overall, not competent enough to handle leadership responsibilities. Moreover, it was noted in the text that in the 1990 's, GS seldom undertook formal leadership training programs. Infact, most of its development programs were informal. This perhaps could explain why it was increasingly difficult for Goldman to raise competent leaders because various business units within the firm independently trained their workers mostly on their current jobs rather than develop them for future career.

Hence, it is imperative that Goldman implement the leadership development program (LDP) if they were to win the war on talent. Subsequently,

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