Studying And Learning English For More Than 11 Years

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I have been studying and learning English for more than 11 years, and of course, I am willing to do my best to improve its. However, whatever I did, writing skill still is my biggest weakness. For me, during the writing process, thinking up the ideas for a specific topic and expressing those are a real problem. However, after finished English 905 class, my writing skill has been changed significantly. That class has offered me the ability to be aware of my personal strengths as well as weaknesses as a writer and also provided me methods to strengthen them. And now, I feel comfortable with writing compositions and expect to produce higher work. Therefore, in the hope of learning how to become a more effective writer and transform my mediocre work into a well-composed essay is the reason why I continued to register English 908 class. Obviously, the first step in the writing process is brainstorming the idea for that topic. Unlike freewriting in which I can write down my current feelings or thoughts without caring of grammar rules, punctuation, spelling, etc. Unfortunately, when having a specific topic, it takes me more time to come up with the ideas than other people. After fifteen or twenty minutes of warming up, my head is overloaded because of too much information appears at the same time and I don’t know how to organize it. Then, I need to struggle against how to put that information in order and wonder should I cross some out. As a result of this, I always start my

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