Submaximal Testing: A Case Study

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Out of all the submaximal exercise tests listed, I would prefer to use the treadmill, cycle, or step test protocols over the field test methods. Submaximal testing is an effective way to gauge an individual’s physical fitness level. While maximal fitness tests possess greater risks for injury, submaximal tests have lower injury rates and are more efficient in several different areas. Submaximal testing protocols include lower testing costs, allow more participants to be tested at once, and do not need medical supervision (Bishop, 2014). Overall, submaximal exercise testing seems to be more beneficial for nonathletic populations compared to maximal exercise testing.
When comparing different types of submaximal tests, filed tests do not seem to be as effective as other submaximal testing protocols. A few popular field tests include the 1.5 mile run, Cooper 12 minute distance test, and the Rockport walk test (Bishop, 2014). Although these field tests are used by many health and fitness professionals, there are two primary problems they possess. The first problem is how they require
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These protocols possess more accurate results for practitioners by allowing them to control numerous variables of the tests. Some of these variables include step rate, treadmill incline, and revolutions per minute (Bishop, 2014). Not only are these controllable factors beneficial for practitioners, but for the participants as well. Since all individuals are not advised to exercise at maximal intensities, being able to control the pace at which the participant preforms the test will help educate them on the proper exercise intensity for their body (Bishop, 2014). These are some reasons why I think submaximal fitness testing can be more effective than maximal fitness testing, and why some submaximal testing methods are better than
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