Suicidal Case Study Summary

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Mr. Thompson is a 59 year old African American male who is currently staying at Urban Ministries Shelter at 305 W. GateCity Blvd Greensboro, NC 27406. Urban Ministries Staff member Brantly G. contacted to refer Mr. Thompson to Mobile Crisis Management (MCM) due to reported suicidal ideation without a specific plan. In addition, reports of Auditory hallucinations were reported by Mr. Thompson telling him, to give up. Mr. Thompson is currently not connected to any provider. Qualified Professional (QP) was contacted to respond to Mr. Thompson crisis. Dispatcher informed QP Mr. Thompson denies homicidal ideation and substance abuse issues. Before responding to call QP contacted Sandhills Center (SHC) at 2:35pm to see if Mr. Thompson had any enhanced services. QP spoke with Joni who informed QP Mr. Thompson was not in their system, …show more content…

Thompson meets QP in Mr. Brantly's office. He is calm and cooperative. Mr. Thompson reported no current suicidal ideation, however around 2:20pm he had thoughts of overdosing on his prescribed medications he was carrying around in a bag on his persons. Mr. Thompson reported a history of suicidal attempts and depression. He reported a history of 6 suicidal attempts, which his last attempt was last month by overdosing on Tylenol and crack cocaine. Mr. Thompson stated, "I heard somewhere if I do that I can get my heart to stop." Mr. Thompson reported he has been staying in Urban Ministries for 2 weeks after his discharge from Triangle Springs Hospital at 10901 World Trade Blvd Raleigh, NC 27617. Mr. Thompson reported today thoughts of killing himself were due to relational issues with a female resident at Urban Ministries. He denies homicidal ideation or a history of substance abuse other than his use last month to kill himself. Mr. Thompson expressed reported auditory hallucinations as hearing his voice in his head telling him to give up. Mr. Thompson reported being compliant with his current

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