Summary Of ' A Framework For Design ' By Creswell

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Summary of ‘A Framework for Design’ by Creswell
We now have many choices for research approaches. Author recommends that a general framework be adopted to provide guidance for all stages of research. Using still existing framework also allows researchers formulate ideas recognized by audiences who support proposals for research. This chapter introduces the reader to the three approaches to research quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches. To understand them Creswell considers three framework elements: The type of assumptions which we have to make before starting practical research also known as knowledge claim; general procedures of research called strategies of inquiry and procedures of data collection, analysis, and writing called methods. The 3 research approaches use each of these elements differently.

These approaches and elements are closely related in the design of research. Initial step in research is to assess the what kind of knowledge claims brought to use, what kind of strategy of inquiry to consider, and to identify specific methods to be used. Using these three elements, a researcher can then identify either the quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods approach to inquiry.

Today’s research approaches are less quantitative than qualitative and more research practices lie in mixed approach (e.g., Newman & Benz, 1998). Crotty 's (1998) ideas established the groundwork for this framework for finding design process for

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