Summary Of Carter ' Father Of Black History Month '

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Carter G. Woodson formally known as the “Father of Black History Month” was an extraordinarily wise man who dedicated his life time to African American History. His most famous pieces of writings was his book The Mis-Education of the Negro in which many topics are discussed for example education, business, politics, religion, self-hatred, and black on black prejudice, which I exceptionally believe is a very negative dilemma in the present day society. An abundant amount of what Woodson wrote about in nineteen-thirtythree about blacks minds being controlled through the white people in economics, history, literature, philosophy and religion I strongly agree is still, to an extent the problem today. Is Carter. G Woodson’s thoughts in 1933…show more content…
This like then is still negatively affecting the black children being taught these biased “history” because it is teaching them that we was nothing but slaves who picked cotton on plantations. If they are lucky the book may mention a sentence or two about Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman, but for the most part that is all black people contributed to history. Which installs at an early age in black children that we are not as smart, skilled, and important as the white man. Education was not the only aspect Woodson discussed in his book that is still prevalent today. Correspondingly, politics also is an aspect Woodson discussed in The Mis-Education of the Negro that is prevalent in present day society. Woodson quotes, “ANOTHER factor the Negro needs is a new figure in politics, one who will not concern himself so much with what others can do for him as with what he can do for himself” (Woodson chap. 17 par. 1). In Woodson’s book when he talks about politics like the quote above he says how black people need to make a way for themselves and respect themselves instead of being so dependent on the white man’s government that has been against black people from the beginning. What Woodson spoke about is still prevalent in the society today but to an extent. It is prevalent because
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