Summary Of ' Chapter Twelve ' Essay

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Chapter Eleven “All these words are just a front. What I would really like to do is chain you to my body, then sing for days, days & days.” —Hafez The morning was bright and clear. In other words, a perfect day to return home. Dylan felt awful slipping out of Salim’s cabin. He was working on his papers—Dylan didn’t know what exactly, but he was busy writing lists, referring to others, and generally working. There were the usual thirty or so men on the deck looking to their individual jobs, whether it was seeing to the repair of fishing nets, scrubbing the deck, or winding rope. Dylan stood watching them for some time, each man moving about industriously under the watchful eye of the captain’s first-mate, Ibrahim. Dylan made his way back to the stern of the ship. He stood looking out at the churning gray-green ocean below. It did not look enticing. In fact, it looked damned cold, but it was his only way home. Pausing for only a moment to watch the sailors once more, he wondered if he was going to miss them—this ship, this life. No. He would miss Salim, but that was all. He so desperately wanted to get home. He took a deep breath, and in one leap before he could change his mind, threw himself overboard. He hit the water with a huge splash. It wasn’t a graceful dive, more like a flailing fall. The side of his body and his head stung where it hit the water, but that was quickly forgotten by the freezing cold, churning water. He opened his eyes to figure out which way was

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