Summary Of ' The Night Football Games '

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She has long brown hair and a perfect smile. She is stubborn and determined. She is defiantly going where she wants to be. The girl I’m describing is like no other. She is my little sister Lyssa.
Lyssa has almond shaped eyes that are the perfect shade of brown, not too light and not too dark. Her hair is down to about the middle of her back and dries stick straight without any hot tools. Her nose is skinny and pointed, and her lips are on the smaller side. Her eye brows have a perfect arch and her teeth are very straight.
Lyssa does her makeup very well. I think she could do it professionally if she wanted to. She does her makeup every day. Obviously not because she needs it but because she wants to and she loves it almost as much as she loves being a majorette. Twirling at the Friday night football games is all she has wanted to do since she joined a twirling team in sixth grade. When she found out that the high school she was going to be attending has a team. She knew she had to be on the team. That was one of the first things I seen her work so hard for. Every day for hours she worked on her spins, and routines. She is and inspiration to those around her who can look past her attitude. A lot of people ask how she can be such an inspiration to a nineteen year old she is only fourteen. I answer this question by saying inspiration comes from many places, people, and most importantly the ones close to you. She is my inspiration because for as long as I can remember I have

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