Summary of Effect of Teamwork in Employee Performance

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Summary of journal about effect of teamwork on employee performance
The research analyses the performance of the performance of the staff members of an education department of a in a province of Pakistan called KPK. Researchers use some measures including spirit de corps, team trust, recognition and rewards. And they proved that teamwork and those measures positively affect the employee performance. They put this research as self-administered questionnaires distributed in directorate of that department and four colleges in Peshawar and Kohat area. The study recommends that to adapt teamwork activities in order to enhance the employee performance.
4 measures of employee performance: team trust, esprit de corps, recognition and …show more content…

❖ Esprit De corps o Esprit De corps is the feeling and viewpoint that employee holds about the team.
Also known as team spirit in which employee shares their problem with each other with in the organization o Team spirit is composed of group member’s feelings, beliefs and values. Team spirit in the organization is the key to achieve common goal of the team. o The increase in team spirit will result in better employee performance because there is a positive correlation exists between esprit de corps and employee job satisfaction level. ❖ Team trusto Trust among the team members comes when member of the teams develop the confidence in each other competence. o Trust among the team members develops the unique skills and coordination of individuals. o According to Mickan and Rodger (2000) there is a positive relationship between the team performance and trust. Trust generates the behavioural basis of teamwork, which results in organizational synergy and better performance of an employee. o Development of trust within the organization is the responsibility of individuals. o According to Manz and Neck (2002) high performance teams within the organization exist when unity exists between members. o Cooperation of the team members can only be created when the trust comes to be most important value of the team culture. o Trust provides

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