Super Bowl Commercial

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Although I was not alive for this particular commercial, I think that one of the best Super Bowl commercials I have ever seen has been Apple’s Commercial regarding the release of their new Macintosh Computer. My reason for thinking this is such a great commercial is because the commercial was based off of the story 1984 by George Orwell. The commercial possessed lots of the qualities that make super commercials great such as sentimentality, strength, change, and an influential way of presenting their product in which Apple thought could change the world for all the people in it. The commercial begins with a Leader speaking to the masses. He’s speaking to the men and women who seem as if they have no life and as if they are imprisoned. The commercial is very dark and is meant to instill fear in this is what are world can be like, but then a revolutionary appears and …show more content…

This commercial possess no qualities that makes a Super Bowl commercial great and this is because they just have Kim Kardashian talking bad about herself And how she likes to take pictures of herself on vacation or of her wearing slutty clothes. This commercial probably cost more to make and air, compared to how much money it brought in. Furthermore, not all the best and worst commercials appear during the Super Bowl there are lots that appear throughout the year and if there was one that I would change, it be Nike’s commercial that is titled Nike: The Future Is Fast. To be honest, I love this commercial but the one thing I would change about this commercial is to have Nike not only include Football, but include sports like soccer and basketball. I would not only have teenagers taking the places of professional football players, but I would have a young swimmer ask Michael Phelps to get out of the pool, or have a young boy sub out Neymar for a Barcelona in the middle of Camp

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