Essay on Goal and Targeted Marking in Super Bowl Budweiser Ad

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For me among all the Super Bowl Ads, 2014, the most memorable and effective one was the Budweiser’s, “Puppy love” ad. It was a heartwarming story to see an adorable puppy’s determination to hang out and be friends with his favorite famous Budweiser Clydesdale horse.

This commercial tells us a remarkable story of love/bond between Labrador retriever puppy and a Clydesdale horse. First there were the majestic beautiful horses on a horse ranch, and then there was this adorable playful Labrador retriever puppy on a puppy adoption center, who daily escaped and made his way to the horse ranch to play and be friends with his favorite famous Budweiser Clydesdale horse. The horse trainer/caretaker religious picks up the puppy and hands him or …show more content…

Good job Budweiser!

Least effective Super Bowl Ad – GoDaddy-Bodybuilder
This was my least favorite as well as effective commercial for me from this year’s Super Bowl ads. It starts off with a bunch of body builders running led by Danica Patrick, the race car driver who’s wearing a black and neon green top and shorts muscle suit running towards a spray tan salon. She knocks on the window of the salon and the ad ends with the punch line, “it’s go time.”
First of all the commercial was too short, I thought it was teaser and it felt like an incomplete ad. Didn’t really understand the ad and had to watch it repeatedly to understand what the advertiser were trying to say. Basically, the ad ends with owner of the spray salon saying, “ it s go time,” while spraying a little orange puff of tanning solution. This commercial is targeting smart small-business owners and the goal of this ad is to increase awareness for GoDaddy’s web hosting services.
I hosted the Super Bowl party this year and most my friends thought it was the lamest ad they have seen in years. This ad was the least effective because it wasn’t entertaining, I personally don’t like seeing women with bulked muscles (gross) even though it was the famous racecar driver Danica Patrick, and more importantly it wasn’t noteworthy. It was too depressing, even with the celebrity filled commercial it couldn't do it. I think for the amount ($$) paid, GoDaddy, could

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