Superb Sweater Salesman

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Steve the superb sweater salesman is constantly debating. His prospective clients can be the most vicious cross-examiners and deliver disadvantages that just WRECK his sales pitch. But Steve isn’t just any ‘ol sales rep. Steve has skin made of rubber, he lets these things bounce right off of his snazzy sweaters and ropes his clients right back in. He’s successful because he adapts. Steve may venture off of his original pitch and offer a lower price than originally planned. If the client realizes they have a huge problem with their wardrobe, then Steve will move on to talk about why his product offers the best solution. If a client loves the sweater but doesn’t think they need it, Steve will talk about why the costumer has a huge sweater …show more content…

Take the Stoa public needs vs. private property rights resolution. If you’re debating affirmative with a value of security, your thesis could be something like “Public needs lead to a more secure nation.” Your case could then go like this: Public needs create a lot of security. Private property rights only create a little bit of security. Therefore, public needs are more important than private property rights. Boom chackalacka! You’ve got yourself a case! See how easy that was? Steve the superb sweater salesman is a pro at this too! Let’s say he needs to sell his vibrant red sweaters to a man who values comfort over everything else. Here’s what Steve’s case would look like: You should buy the sweater that is the most comfortable. Our sweater is the most comfortable sweater on the market. You should buy it. If you think about it, you already do this in every speech. You figure out what claim you need to prove, slap some points together, throw some warrants under them and get up for your 1AR. You’re building a case after each speech, so why over-prioritize and over-dramatize the first case? Yes, it is important, but what’s more important are all the cases you’ll be making during the speeches that make up 90% of the

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