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The salesman's job often requires to produce innovative solutions to non routine problems every day sales team have to face the different and challenging customer as there were many other brands for the same medicine therefore, sales person have to try utmost to convince to prefer the brand for medicine and accomplish sales target. Every sales jobs of course, demand more innovativeness than others sales person should be very clear about his product its efficiency and effectiveness must have know how Though the demand for innovativeness is inherent in the job, the impact of that demand on the salesman's well-being and performance is influenced by company policies and management actions. Evan’s (1974) one of the elements of supervisory…show more content…
The dependent variable job satisfaction can be described as more happier people were tend to be more satisfied with the job and sales person has stay for longer time period as compare to unhappy people who switch rapidly if problems with the culture were found , policies job design and job descriptions etc. Job design can enhance job satisfaction and performance; methods consist of job rotation, job enlargement and job enrichment. Perceived role difference occur when a salesman assumes that the expectations of two or more of his role partners were incompatible and that he cannot at the same time satisfy all the demands being made. Other studies have argued that salesmen were particularly at risk to this kind of conflict because sales person occupy a position at the boundary between the firm and the customers’ organizations. The relationship between organizational climate and job satisfaction may be moderated by the salesman's time of practice on the job. In general, one expects to find a positive relationship between experience and job satisfaction for two causes. First, satisfaction effects job tenure. Salesmen who were unhappy with the jobs were likely to quit and work for another firm or to seek another profession will lose the interest in job and spend much time in finding a new job in the same industry there for a positive relationship cam end into productive

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