Supply Of High Standards Of Food Safety

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The Importance and Legal Requirements of the following in contributing to the maintenance of high standards of food safety. HOT FOOD TAKEAWAY ESTABLISHMENT INTRODUCTION
In designing new premises, an accurate assessment of likely trade is essential for a proper balance to be made in the allocation of space. The economic viability of the business must be carefully calculated beforehand. Having gained planning permission for this establishment ask yourself what you wish to achieve. Firstly the operation must be profitable, to achieve this you must have the right all round equipment and staff. Secondly to stay in business you must have premises that are hygienically clean at all times, remember you are dealing with the public. To …show more content…

regulations. The Environmental Health Department has within a section who should be contacted for advice. The Planning and Technical Services Department and the Fire master has additional legal requirements and they must be consulted. Therefore there are many establishments which will provide advice and save you time and money if consulted at the planning and design stage. LAYOUT AND DESIGN
This has three main characteristics, it must have clearly identified and separated flows, defined accommodation, specific to the purpose allocated and adequate space to be provided in all food handling and associated areas for equipment, working practices and to enable frequent cleaning to be carried out. There must also be adequate access and seating

for customers. Taking all this in mind you must arrange your establishment so it can be easily managed, have good visibility in the areas which supervision is required. All equipment must be positioned to allow for an efficient and safe work sequence. Two means of access and traffic flow to the kitchen should be provided where possible to prevent cross traffic and cross contamination. The avoidance of cross contamination by segregated clean and dirty areas (work areas should be coloured coded). There will be clear demarcation between storage, preparation, cooking and wash up areas. If grease traps are to be fitted then they should be sited externally if possible. The rear access with a

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