Supporting The Social Penetration Theory

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Neary-Dunleavy and Booth-Butterfield are supporting the Social Penetration Theory by conducting an experiment to see how idiomatic communication relates to the development and termination of a relationship, solidarity and relational satisfaction. A group of 275 students, ages ranging from 18-41, participated in this study. All were currently in a romantic relationship. The majority of the participants were men. Solidarity was evaluated by giving each participant a 20 item list with items that needed to be rated on a 7 point scale. Relational development was evaluated using the Quality Marriage Index. It included 5 items that needed to be rated on a 7 point scale. The 275 participants were then informed about what exactly idiomatic communication was, and what it isn’t. They were then given a list of the relational stages and were asked to mark which one best describes their current relationship. Then they were given different examples of idioms, and then were asked to fill out a form of all the different idioms that exists in their current relationship. …show more content…

425-428 H1 was partially supported because they did find that an escalating relationship reported using more idioms that de-escalating relationships, but H1b was not supported because they found that there was a huge difference in the frequency of idioms in escalating and de-escalating relationships in the different functions of idiomatic communication. H2 and H3 were supported because they found that solidarity and relational satisfaction are both related to the breadth of idioms. Additional information that might be useful, I think this is a great example of the Social Penetration theory because it proves that being open with your partner and using idiomatic communication towards them can lead to solidarity and more relational

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