Surgical Wounds and their Correlation to Surgical Technology Essays

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Surgical Wounds and their Correlation to Surgical Technology Surgery is one of the most common medical practices across the United States. Patients of all ages that undergo surgical procedures are left with some sort of surgical wound. Every surgical wound can be classified by the type of surgical procedure and will have a type of wound healing. Although only approximately 2.6% of surgical wounds become infected, surgical wounds can manifest into serious complications for a patient (Harbarth, Hoffmeyer, Lew, Peter & Pittet, 2010). One of the major complications of a surgical wound is postoperative infection. Due to the potential of surgical site infections, surgical technologists are among the operating room (OR) personnel …show more content…

Dirty surgical wounds consists of wounds that could be from old traumatic wounds, a perforation, an existing infection, or organisms that are already present before a surgical procedure. Examples of dirty wound would be a perforated bowel, peritonitis, positive culture results prior to procedures, or a wound debridement (Sheetz et al., 2012). With the various classifications of surgical wounds come different types of wound healing. The type of wound healing will mostly depend on the type of wound amongst patient co-morbities such as diabetes mellitus (DM) that may slow down the healing process. The most superficial type of wound healing is considered to be partial thickness wounds. These types of wounds are superficial and do not penetrate into the dermis; such as 1st degree burns or abrasions. Generally, these types of wounds will heal through epithelialization using the already existing dermal components (Zinn, n.d.). The remaining types of wound healing are done so in either first, second, or third intentions. Healing through first intention is considered primary wound healing/primary closure. Most of the wounds that heal by first intention are closed wounds with placement of a flap or graft or wounds that were made and closed in the OR. This type of healing is considered to be the quickest and most cosmetically attractive method of healing. Healing by second intention describes wounds

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