Sustainability And Ethical Concerns Of The Body Shop

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1. Sustainability and ethical concerns
The Body Shop was always considered as sustainable and ethical business.
‘The company 's campaigns against human rights abuses, in favour of animal and environmental protection and it commitment to challenge the stereotypes of beauty perpetuated by the cosmetics industry’ (THE BODY SHOP, 1999).
The Body Shop sources the best quality raw ingredients around the world, they have ‘twenty-five Community Fair Trade suppliers’ (THE BODY SHOP, 2015) and their purchasing practices need to be ethical as per company’ core values. Picture 1 provides a list of the sourced ingredients and show countries they come from. Picture 1: Community Fair Trade (THE BODY SHOP, 2015)
The Body Shop has a massive social and environmental impact that a global retailer can have through its supply chain, reflected in Ethical Trade and Community Trade Programmes. The Body Shop was currently affected by some issues linked with its supply chain. ‘In order to build a sustainable supply chain, retailers need to be aware of what is happening in the immediate and wider environment and should be able to scan the trading environment across a number of levels’ (Ellis-Chadwick F, Rafiq M, 2012, p.24). It is really important for The Body Shop to stay ethical and committed to their beliefs.
In 2010 The Body Shop dropped one of their suppliers in Colombia due to peasant farmers’ evictions, because the supplier wanted to develop a new plantation. Daabon Organic was The
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