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Business description
Started in 1977 and Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple (AAPL) Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, and portable digital music players, and sells a variety of related software, services, peripherals, networking solutions, and third-party digital content and applications.1 The company’s products and services include iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, Apple TV, a portfolio of consumer and professional software applications, the iOS and OS X operation systems, iCloud, and a variety of accessory, service and support offerings. The company also sells and delivers digital content and applications …show more content…

Other strengths include but are not limited to, strategic agreements with well know mobile carriers such as T-Mobile and AT&T, their utilization of user friendly design elements for both hardware and software, incredible brand loyalty, universally accredited and world-wide acceptance, and it’s astonishing revenue $182.795 billion (2014) and profit $39.510 billion (2014).7
Premium Pricing: Apple’s computing devices are typically among the pricier ones in the market. This luxury positioning has made it difficult for Apple to make big inroads overseas in countries where the pressures on ordinary consumers are considerable. It also makes the company vulnerable to price competition, not just from South Korea’s Samsung but from up-and-coming company’s like China’s Xiaomi, which has grown substantially over the past few years.4
Innovation decline and lack of leadership: Charisma was a part of the reason Apple was so successful in the first part of the century. The leadership qualities that Steve Jobs possessed in his time with apple worked as both a marketing and advertising tool in itself. Innovation appears to be taking a backseat to business sense at Apple and the new CEO Tim Cook lacks many of those cutting edge success orientated qualities of his predecessor.3 In the coming years, Apple must address the fact that its best years

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